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Pictures and location of Banklangdoi Hotel Resort & Spa in Chiangmai Thailand. Detail description of the hotel, facilities, maps and location.

Banklangdoi Hotel Resort & Spa
      Banklangdoi Hotel Resort & Spa
      190 Hangdong-Samoeng Rd.
      Chiang Mai 50230
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Pictures of Banklangdoi Hotel Resort & Spa
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The House Nestled in the Mountains. Come to Chiangmai come to "Baan Klang Doi" where you can enjoy crisp and clean air from the lush surrounding forests. Beautiful and serene.


A Small village of Northern Thai style houses is suitable for couple or large family.

Bann Klang Doi is perfect for a true nature lover seeking pleasure and relaxation in the midst of a protected mountainous area of National Park far from the hustle and bustle of the city.


A quiet place in harmony with the beauty of natural surroundings, offers you restful comfort. Delicious fines Thai food and uniquely personalized services which make your vacation most rewarding. Only 30 minutes from town.


[ Standard Hotel Room ]

[ Mini Thai Private House ]

[ Deluxe Mini Thai House ]

[ Bamboo House & Rafting House ]

[ Yai Fai House (Deluxe Thai House for family) ]

[ Chom Daow (Super Deluxe Villa) ]

[ Chan Chay (Super Deluxe Villa) ]

[ Prakai Daow (Super Deluxe House) ]

[ Junior Hotel MB1(Chom Daen) & Junior Hotel MB2(Chom Tawan) ]


[ Yung Kao Restaurant ]

Yung Kao Restaurant, an opened air wooden Thai house, placed in natural surrounding, garden, beautiful flowers and fishing pond. Serving delicious Thai, Northern Thai and European dishes. There are lots of recommended dishes waiting to serve you from 08.00-22.00 hrs daily. We can serve up to 70-100 people.


[ The Peak Wine Pub& Restaurant ]

The Peak, the place in an opened air country styles house, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your your quiet evening with easy listening from our best musician. The Peak is separated into 2 styles that you can choose-A little Pub inside the house, where you are free to choose your own favoured songs. Or enjoy sitting outside - on the balcony, where you can enjoy a peaceful site of nature, garden ,mountain and streamlet. There are many special recommended vegetable dishes from Doi-Kum, the King's Royal Project and many other delicious dishes to be served from 16.00-23.00 hrs daily. We can serve up to 70-120 people.



A room with a view, we bring natural habital to be closed to you, where you can concentrate on your work without any stresses.

A size of 150 pax for "classroom" set up and 250 pax for a "theatre" set up. Suitable for concentrate meeting and other activities.



[ Swimming Pool ]

A standard size swimming pool, with ready served BEVERAGE BAR by pool.


[ Fire camping ]

Area to relax and watch the stars at night surround by nature. Watching groups of stars in cool air with many activities that you can choose.


[ Mountain Bike ]

Bike your way through a clean and fresh air, surrounded by nature, go up and down the hills, and see all the nature around you. A good way to exercise and keep in shape during your stay at "Baan Klang Doi "


[ Thai Traditional Massage & Spa ]

Lighten your body with our body massage, foot massage and aromatherapy body massage treatment program. Choice for facial scrubbing or facial massage. All that you can enjoy in our health menu to stay healthy.


[ Fishing Park & Children Playground ]

Served you with foods and drinks from our delicious menu in a reasonable price, relaxing in a small hut by the pond. Full with joy and fun in natural way for fishing. Various kinds of fish in the pond, waiting to be catch.

[ Sauna room ]
After body massage - Thai aromatherapy. Relax your body with our sauna room.
[ Putting, Shifting, Greens and Sand Bunkers ]

Practice your putting and shifting on our greens. Sand bursting...Tackle the sand bunkers.



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